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  1. Step 1: Waist
  2. Step 2: Thigh
  3. Step 3: Leg Opening

1. I want a waist with:

A properly fitting waistband should sit comfortably at the waist and lay flat.

  • I want give and take in the waist. Maximun motion and comfort are key.

  • I like a traditional waist, and stretch is not important to me.

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Choose a traditional or flex waistband for the comfort and fit you want.

2. I like a thigh that is:

There's a pair of jeans for every body, ranging from loose to closer fit.

  • I like my pants to be very relaxed. The more room I have, the better.

  • I like my pants to have a slightly relaxed fit with some room to give.

  • I want an updated version on the classic jean--less fabric in the leg for a closer fit.

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Learn how the cut of each jean is designed for the ultimate in comfort and style.

3. I want a leg opening that is:

Leg openings can dress up jeans or give them a casual look.

  • I like the classic style of a pant that's straight in the leg.

  • I like the always-popular bootcut and its casual look.

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Learn the style differences between leg openings, including which type of shoe looks best with each.

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